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Developing social marketing in the health care sector
Institute for Social Marketing, University of Stirling; National Social Marketing Centre of Excellence; health service organisations and colleagues.
Project outline: Local expertise in social marketing in the health care sector has been developed over many years, and now includes:

This project is now in a mature stage of development. New research grants are being finalised, consultancy work is being commissioned, we are leading the field nationally (advising on central policy development, disseminating knowledge and expertise, establishing collaborative networks, devising training and support).
Projected finish: No finish is anticipated in the foreseeable future.
Outputs: Further grant applications canvassed by funding organisations; papers published in peer-reviewed journals

Oral Cancer Screening
Collaborators: Cancer Research UK (funder), local National Health Service commissioners, health promoters and providers, communications professionals.
Project Summary: The proposed project, following on from earlier health promotion interventions in relation to oral cancer health promotion, aims to use specific awareness-raising techniques in a defined catchment population to engage and motivate those at risk from oral cancer to seek early screening and diagnosis or elimination from follow-up in a uniquely designed screening/ referral intervention based on social marketing techniques.
Projected finish: Developmental, formative fieldwork completed between 2000 and 2006,pilot intervention to run in early 2007, follow-on pilot 2008/9
Outputs: Formal reports to commissioning organisation and health service colleagues, articles in peer reviewed journals.
Social marketing relevance: Major social marketing intervention with evaluation

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