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ARCAGE - Alcohol-related cancers and genetic susceptibility in Europe
Collaborators: Twelve centres within Europe
Outline: Study to investigate the lifestyle risk factors in oral cancer had a case-control design. Each centre recruit a group of newly diagnosed cases of UADT (upper aero-digestive tract) cancers, comprising oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and oesophagus (in total over 2500) and a comparable group of community controls. The interview of both cases and controls was structured to obtain information on current and previous alcohol consumption, dietary habits, tobacco consumption and other lifestyle factors. Blood and serum samples were collected from all cases and controls. Pathology reports obtained for all cases as well as the histological slides on which the diagnosis was based, and also, when possible, paraffin embedded or fresh tumour tissue. Analysis of lifestyle factors and DNA profiles cases versus controls.
Project finish: Data collection finished 2006. Now finalising data completion and clean-up.
Outputs: Reports of various forms (paper and web-based). Papers in major journals (eg Nature) as collaborative nationally and internationally), and UK based results local authorship.

Gateshead Lifestyle survey
Collaborators: Gateshead Primary Care Trust (funder), fieldwork organisation and clinical colleagues in NHS
Outline: Commissioned design, set-up, implementation and completion of telephone-based lifestyle survey residents of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Concurrent BMI (Body mass index) complimentary study, and subsequent follow-up study with modifications. Interim refinement of study instrument. Lifestyle insights to be used to design social marketing intervention.
Projected finish: Main study completed, and follow-up being positioned for commissioning.
Outputs: Full report printed for NHS, web-based report, and executive summary, plus presentations to local authority and other partners.

Social marketing to improve oral health behaviours in valve replacement patients
Collaborators: Jimmy Steele, George Erdos and Joan Harvey (Psychology), Cardiothoracic surgery
Outline: Formative research (qualitative, focus group method) to expose what determines the oral hygiene behaviours of a vulnerable target population, and to identify motivational and behavioural factors that could be used to derive an intervention to improve oral hygiene.
Projected finish: End 2005 field work and write-up. Prepare results for negotiation with clinical colleagues to propose pilot intervention with target population.
Outputs: Formal report to funding body. Publication in peer-reviewed journal. Further publication in preparation. Presentations at national conferences.

Oral health needs of black and ethnic minority people
Collaborators: Tyne and wear council for racial equality
Project summary: The objective of the research was to inform the health service and health promotion needs of a particular segment of the local population. The study took a dual approach, using both quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (group and individual interviews) research. Providers of primary dental care (dentists in National Health Service practice) were surveyed using a postal questionnaire, black and ethnic minority group members were recruited into focus groups, and leaders of black and ethnic minority groups were interviewed using a semi-structured approach.
Projected finish: Fieldwork, final report and dissemination completed 2004.
Outputs: Formal reports to commissioning organisation and health service colleagues.

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