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Success Stories in Public Health

Policy development involving clinicians and consumers, in agreement with the specialist hospital dental consultants.
Examples include Evaluation of waiting lists for hospital treatment (orthopaedic surgery, oral surgery); investigate reasons for variation, develop instruments for measurement, implement reform of information collection. Raising of standards Dental General Anaesthesia; lead officer. Peer Review in Primary Dental Care: manage Regional implementation of national initiative; providing advice and support to nominated practitioners; influencing decision-making process and supporting work of advisory panel; working closely with lead Family Health Services Authority.
Maternal and infant life chances (Breast feeding and smoking cessation)
A local public service agreement (LPSA) with central government set out to improve maternal and infant life chances for residents of Gateshead. It aimed to increase breast feeding initiation and continuation rates by identifying local barriers to breastfeeding and taking action to tackle them.

Final published article.
Flour Fortification
Many people don’t know that in the United Kingdom, commercial flour (that goes into bread, pastry, sauce mixes and so on) has been fortified with calcium since the second world war. It was started on health grounds, and continues on health grounds to this day.
Director of public health goes down the drain.
What do you call yours? The thunderbox, the loo, the privy, the netty, the wc?
Whatever you pet name for the lavatory, it is still not something to be discussed openly in polite society.

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