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Success Stories in Public Health

Information needs of parents with children who have glue ear

Using a qualitative method (focus group discussions), the study explored the adequacy of information for children with glue ear. 29 mothers form the North East of England took part. Well-defined information gaps were uncovered and the needs of parents and children explored. Written explanations would be greatly valued and could be designed to assist both the health professionals putting forward their views as to whether or not intervention is justified, and the parent (and child) in participating in the management of the condition. This information could be used in the process of designing information material.
The prevention and control of oral disease.

A major strength, as lead on Cancers for national health promotion initiative, Health of the Nation. And lead officer health promotion for health authority (1991 - 1993) - responsible for research; formulation of policy; implementation of programmes of work; evaluation; and management of department.
Intervention to increase the uptake of influenza vaccination in a practice population in Gateshead
Gateshead Primary Care Trust (PCT) has been developing intelligence data to inform an eventual intervention to increase the uptake of influenza vaccination in the area. In spite of the benefits of the vaccination, across the PCT there is patchy uptake of this immunisation, especially among at-risk groups.
Drug misuse and young people
The Department of Health funded the Northern Regional Health Authority and Durham University to carry out a one year research project. Discussion groups were held in four contrasting areas in the North of England. The research explored young people's motives and meanings, the reasons they give for taking or refusing drugs, the switches in their patterns of use, their perceptions of the health risks involved, and differences and similarities between the three age groups, the four types of user, the four areas and the two sexes.
Evaluation of technology and the effectiveness of treatment modalities.
Including General anaesthetics in primary dental care: investigate unusual patterns of clinical practice; proposed modification; and participate in influencing changes, working with national regulatory body. And telemedicine in accident and emergency reprovision over large urban/rural district.

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