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Success Stories in Dental Health Social Marketing

Reducing excess general anaesthesia in general dental practice
In the 1990s, some areas of the Northern Region had higher than average rates of general anaesthesia in general dental practice that equivalent areas with similar socio-demographic composition and similar disease experiences. Using social marketing, the reasons for these differences were explored with professionals and the general public. Up-stream measures based on these findings eventually led to an elimination of this anomaly.

The evaluation of dental health services

Experience includes review of service provided by consultant medical staff, investigation of variation between specialties and individual clinicians.. Also evaluation of provision of pain relief services in a region, contribution to proposed rationalisation of service. And service evaluation of dental treatment for children with congenital heart defects.
Identification of indicators of the oral health status of defined populations.
Extensive use of routine health status indicators, including indices of dental and oral health, morbidity and mortality. Specific examples include: work with the Dental Practice Board on general dental anaesthesia provision in primary care; oral cancer prevalence studies, including scrutiny of cancer registry data; applications of indices such as IOTN in prioritising orthodontic services; and dental decay indices in relation to preventive strategies.

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