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April 1996 to June 2010 - Senior lecturer in dental public health


Academic: Competing for research grants, undertaking research, publishing in professional journals, teaching, curriculum development, consultancy, contributing to public health on committees.
Service: Providing advice to NHS (Primary Care Trusts, Strategic Health Authorities etc), devising and managing interventions, supporting colleagues, developing policy and tactics, advocacy, clinical governance.

A full-time academic role with an honorary NHS consultant contract (to Nov'08). Responsibilities varied:- Academic element predominated during seasonal / cyclical research or teaching commitments; NHS service elements took precedence, during management of service reviews or policy / strategy formulation / translation, direct involvement with PCT/NHS affairs. Both the NHS and the University/academic world benefited from this symbiotic relationship that existed through my contract (and that was why it was set up thus). Issues that have benefitted from this set-up include:

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