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Success Stories in Medical Health Social Marketing

Sugar-free medicine prescribing
In spite of the implementation of water fluoridation schemes and the general improvement in oral health, dental decay remains a problem in the North East of England. The consumption of sugared medicines makes a small but significant contribution to this problem. Specifically, there is concern that their long term use increases dental disease in children, especially those with chronic illness. With ample evidence to suggest that non-sugar sweeteners do not produce dental decay, an intervention was implemented to increase the substitution of sugar-free medicine prescribing.
The evaluation of dental health services
Experience includes review of service provided by consultant medical staff, investigation of variation between specialties and individual clinicians.. Also evaluation of provision of pain relief services in a region, contribution to proposed rationalisation of service. And service evaluation of dental treatment for children with congenital heart defects.
The promotion of oral health.
Lead officer for Bodyworld, world's first health promotion theme pavilion at Gateshead Garden Festival May - October 1990.
Dental care of children with congenital heart defects.
Regional lead water fluoridation promotion (existing and proposed schemes).Devising, commissioning and supervising media campaigns.
Description of the determinants of the oral health status of populations, including the geographical and social environment, and the identification of those which are amenable to change.
Wide range of experience, including the Investigation of high incidence of cancers in NHS districts especially oral cancer and bowel cancer; initiating work to clarify accuracy of information and supervision of gathering new information. Also the social class related oral liquid medicine consumption in north east populations, and an intervention to change behaviour. And research based initiative for Department of Health to investigate drug taking in young people, and to design intervention based on research findings.

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